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Wilson, Robert Charles. Last Year. Tor 2016.

Wilson, Robert Charles. Last Year
Divergence: 1875 CE
What if: Time travellers from approximately our present opened a time gate in mid 1870s Illinois, creating a mixing point between between contemporaneous locals and tourists from the future.
Summary: A local who has been hired to work security at the City of Futurity is tasked with finding out who is smuggling guns from the future, and his role expands as letters to the newspapers about the future begin to de-stabilize labor and racial politics.
Comments: Explicit allohistorical events are generally limited to the end of the book, as labor riots and other civil unrest erupt, alsong with brief mention that James Garfield served two full terms as preseident.
Published: Tor 2016 (0765332639BUY, 0765393301BUY).