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Grimwood, Ken. Replay. Quill 1998.

Grimwood, Ken. Replay
Divergence: c 1966 CE
Summary: At death's edge, a man has a chance to relive and change his life, again and gain and again. In one life, he finds altered Hollywood history.
Published: Arbor House 1986 (0877957819); SFBC 1987; Grafton 1987 (0246131918), 1988 (0586074627); Berkley 1988 (0425106403); Ace 1992 (0441715923BUY); Morrow/Quill 1998 (068816112XBUY); Gollancz 2005 (0575075597BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Françoise and Guy Casaril as Replay, Seuil 1988 (2020100843), 1997 (2020321262).
Translation: German by Norbert Stöbe as Das zweite Spiel, Heyne 1994 (3453075250), v.t. Replay — Das zweite Spiel, Heyne 2005 (3453520106).
Translation: Italian by Alda Carrer as Un'altra occasione per vivere, Sperling & Kupfer 1996 (882002151X).
Translation: Spanish as Volver a empezar, Factoría de Ideas 2008 (9788498001792).
Awards: Winner: 1988 World Fantasy Award for best novel Nominee: 1988 Arthur C. Clarke Award.