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Tsouras, Peter G.. Gettysburg: An Alternate History. Greenhill/Stackpole 1997.

Tsouras, Peter G. Gettysburg: An Alternate History
Divergence: 1863 CE
What if: JEB Stuart arrived at Gettysburg late on July 1, 1863, in time to affect Robert E. Lee's plans for the battle.
Summary: With Stuart at hand to provide battlefield reconnaissance, Lee was more willing to accept Longstreet's proposal of a flanking attack on July 2. When that fails he is convinced that a massive frontal assault is ever more necessary on July 3. But with that final decision comes greater risk and Gettysburg could well be a greater Union victory.
Comments: For an alternative take on and alternative result to Longstreet's flanking plan, see Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen's Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War.
Published: Greenhill/Stackpole 1997 (1853672653BUY), 2002 (1853674826BUY); Presidio 2007 (0345490142BUY); Skyhorse 2016 (1634505328BUY).