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2018-01-05: Stross, Charles. Dark State

2017-12-31: Brown, Christopher. Tropic of Kansas

2017-12-07: Martin, George R.R. (ed.). Wild Cards: Mississippi Roll

2017-12-07: Zabel, Bryce. Once There Was a Way: What if The Beatles Stayed Together?

2017-11-28: Mann, George. The Executioner's Heart

New Entries (Not Yet Published)

2017-12-25: Harris, Charlaine. Texoma

2017-12-25: Turtledove, Harry. Through Darkest Europe

2017-11-28: Caine, Rachel. Smoke and Iron

2017-11-28: Mann, George. The Revenant Express

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2017-11-20: Wilson, Robert Charles. Last Year