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2017-11-15: Howard, Jonathan L. After the End of the World

2017-11-15: Kowal, Mary Robinette. The Lady Astronaut

2017-11-15: Kowal, Mary Robinette. "The Lady Astronaut of Mars"

2017-11-15: Wilber, Rick. "In Dublin, Fair City"

2017-10-23: Newman, Kim. Anno Dracula: One Thousand Monsters

2017-09-29: Shawl, Nisi. "The Colors of Money"

2017-09-25: Baxter, Stephen. "The Darwin Anathema"

2017-09-25: Baxter, Stephen. "Mars Abides"

New Entries (Not Yet Published)

2017-11-15: Gallagher, Catherine. Telling It Like It Wasn't: The Counterfactual Imagination in History and Fiction

2017-11-15: Kowal, Mary Robinette. The Calculating Stars

2017-11-15: Kowal, Mary Robinette. The Fated Sky

2017-10-16: Anderson, Taylor. Destroyermen: River of Bones

2017-10-16: Rosenberg, Charles. The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington

2017-10-16: Stirling, S.M. Black Chamber

2017-10-16: Tsouras, Peter G. Napoleon Victorious!: An Alternative History of the Battle of Waterloo

2017-09-25: Zabel, Bryce. Once There Was a Way: What if The Beatles Stayed Together?

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2017-11-20: Wilson, Robert Charles. Last Year