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2018-07-06: Anderson, Taylor. Destroyermen: River of Bones

2018-07-05: Kowal, Mary Robinette. "Amara's Giraffe"

2018-07-05: Kowal, Mary Robinette. "The Phobos Experience"

2018-07-05: Kowal, Mary Robinette. "We Interrupt This Broadcast"

2018-07-05: Turtledove, Harry. "Liberating Alaska"

2018-06-29: Caine, Rachel. Smoke and Iron

2018-06-29: Kowal, Mary Robinette. The Calculating Stars

2018-06-29: Stirling, S.M. Black Chamber

2018-06-25: Rosenberg, Charles. The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington

2018-06-18: Rajaniemi, Hannu. Summerland

2018-05-28: Rogan, James. On To Chicago: Rediscovering Robert F. Kennedy and the Lost Campaign of 1968

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