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Aksyonov, Vassily. Ostrov Krym. Eksmo 2005.
Cover art
Aksyonov, Vassily. Ostrov Krym. Eksmo 2007.

Aksyonov, Vasiliy. Остров Крым [Ostrov Krim]
Divergence: 1917 CE
What if: The Crimea was an island, and White Russians successfully held it against the Bolsheviks and established a provisionary democratic government.
Summary: In the early 1980s, a Crimean newspaper editor spearheads the Common Fate re-unification movement, playing into Soviet hands.
Published: Ardis 1981 (0882337440, 0882337459); Eksmo 2005 (5699105271), 2007 (5699250611).
Original in: Russian.
Translation: English by Michael Henry Heim as The Island of Crimea, Random House 1983 (0394524314BUY), Vintage 1984 (0394727657BUY); Hutchinson 1985 (0091597005BUY).
Translation: French by Lily Denis as L'île de Crimée (as by Vassili Axionov), Gallimard 1982 (2070209504).
Translation: Swedish by Lars Erik Blomqvist as Ön Krim, Norstedts 1984 (9118315216).