Cover art
Almasi, G.T. Blades of Winter. Del Rey 2012.

Almasi, G.T. Shadowstorm
Divergence: 1941 CE
What if: Germany successfully mounted operation Seelöwe in 1941, Hitler was assassinated the following year after he announced plans to attack the Soviet Union, and the Nazi Party subsequently collapsed.
Series note: Series including Blades of Winter and Hammer of Angels.

Almasi, G.T. Blades of Winter
Divergence: 1941 CE
Summary: Adventures of a teen-age cyborg superspy in a 1980 of super-advanced technology and a four-way stand-off between the United States, Greater Germany, the Soviet Union, and China.
Series note: First volume of Shadowstorm.
Published: Del Rey 2012 (0440423546BUY).

Almasi, G.T. Hammer of Angels
Divergence: 1941 CE
Series note: Second volume of Shadowstorm.
Published: Del Rey 2014 (0440423562BUY).
Publication note: Known as Circle of Zion during development.