Asimov, Isaac. The End of Eternity
Divergence: 1932 CE
What if: Enrico Fermi did not participate in atomic research and the atomic bomb was never dropped on Hiroshima.
Summary: An organization called Eternity strives to optimize human history to bring happiness to the largest number of people. Our hero, a time-change engineer, falls in love with a woman of a further future who tries to convince him that tampering with time will make the human race lose the race to the stars.
Comments: Marginally allohistorical. Divergence is 1932 but all results shown are in the far future.
Published: J. Curley 1981 (0893403385); Ballantine/Del Rey 1984 (0345318323); Bantam/Spectra 1990 (0553288091BUY).
— Revision of "The End of Eternity", in The Alternate Asimovs, Doubleday 1986 (0385197845), Grafton 1987 (0586071628), NAL/Signet 1988 (0451153707), and Penguin/Roc 1991 (0451450671).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Michel Ligny and Claude Carme as La fin de l'éternité, Denoël 1990 (2207301052).
Translation: Italian by Beata della Frattina as La fine dell'eternità, Mondadori, 1956, 1971, 1982.
Translation: Italian by Ugo Malaguti as La fine dell'eternità, Libra 1975.
Translation: Italian by Giuseppe Lippi as La fine dell'eternità, Mondadori 1987 (8804297808).
Translation: Italian of "The End of Eternity" by Gaetano Staffilano as "La fine dell'eternità", in Fantasimov, Mondadori 1988, 1991 (8804350237).
Translation: Spanish as El fin de la eternidad, Martínez Roca 1977.