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Binet, Laurent. Civilizations. Grasset 2019.
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Binet, Laurent. Civilizations. Translated to the English. Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2021.

Binet, Laurent. Civilizations
Divergence: c 1000 CE
What if: A Viking ship traveled down the American east coast, eventually providing the continents with horses, iron working, and in time, resistance to small pox. 400 years later, Columbus's search for Cipango ends in disaster.
Summary: In the early 1530s, Atahualpa flees the Empire of the Four Quarters, and ends up sailing to the New World on the far side of the eastern ocean. There he takes Charles V prisoner and gradually amasses controls over Western Europe.
Published: Grasset 2019 (2246813093BUY), Livre de Poche 2020 (9782253101765).
Original in: French.
Translation: Catalan as Civilitzacions, Edicions de 1984 2020 (9788416987719).
Translation: Czech as Civilizace, Argo 2021 (9788025733653).
Translation: English by Sam Taylor as Civilizations, Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2021 (0374600813BUY); Picador 2022 (1250858879BUY). Also published as Civilisations, Harvil Secker 2021 (1787302296BUY, 178730230X), Vintage 2022 (1529112818).
Translation: German by Kristian Wachinger as Eroberung, Rowohlt 2020 (9783498001865), 2022 (9783499003462); Büchergilde Gutenberg 2021 (3763272778).
Translation: Italian by Anna Maria Lorusso as Civilizzazioni, Nave di Teseo 2021 (8834601858).
Translation: Nederlands by Liesbeth van Nes as Beschavingen, Meulenhoff 2020 (9789029093866).
Translation: Norwegian as Sivilisasjoner, Gyldendal 2020 (9788205533424).
Translation: Polish by Wiktor Dluski as Cywilizacje, Wydawnictwo 2020 (9788308070659).
Translation: Portuguese by Cristina Rodriguez as Civilizaçes, Quetzal 2021 (9897226419).
Translation: Romanian by Claudiu Constantinescu as Civilizatii, Pandora M 2021 (9786069783962).
Translation: Spanish by Adolfo García Ortega as Civilizaciones, Seix Barral 2020 (8432237019), Booket 2021 (8432239089).
Translation: Swedish as Civilizationer, Albert Bonniers 2021 (9100186784).
Awards: Winner: 2019 Grand prix du roman de l'Académie française. Winner: 2021 Sidewise Award for best long-form alternate history.