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Bishop, Michael. Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas. Tor/Orb 1994.

Bishop, Michael. The Secret Ascension; or, Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas [vt Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas]
What if: In a skewed world, "Richard Milrose Nixon" was elected to four terms as US president and SF author Philip K. Dick attained more fame.
Summary: Shortly after his death in 1982, Phil Dick visits a small town in Georgia and the moon in order to correct history.
Published: As The Secret Ascension; or, Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas, St. Martin's/Tor 1987 (0312930313), Tor 1989 (0812531574BUY, 0812531582BUY).
Published: As Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas, Grafton 1988 (0586201513), Tor/Orb 1994 (0312890028BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Paul Villon as Réquiem pour Phillip K. Dick, Denoël 1997 (2207245519); Gallimard 2002 (2070422356).
Translation: German by Rainer Schmidt as Dieser Mann ist leider tot, Heyne 1991 (3453044940).
Translation: Hebrew by David Hanokh as Filip K Dik met, zeh nora, Zmora-Bitan 1999.
Translation: Italian by Delio Zinoni as L'alternativa, Mondadori 1995.
Translation: Polish by Grazyna Grygiel and Piotr Staniewski as Tajemne wniebowstąpienie czyli Philip K. Dick niestety przestał żyć, Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo 1998 (8371503571).
Translation: Spanish by Eduardo G. Morillo as La ascensión secreta; o Llorad, Philip K.Dick ha muerto, Alcor 1991 (8427015496).