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Boyd, John. The Last Starship from Earth. Penguin 1978.

Boyd, John. The Last Starship from Earth
Divergence: 30 CE
What if: Judas Iscariot never existed and Jesus lived to age 70.
Summary: 2000 years later, a Mathematician is tried for miscegenation for sleeping with a Poet.
Published: Weybright & Talley 1968; Clarke, Irwin 1968; Berkley 1969; Penguin 1978 (0140048758BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Jane Fillion as Dernier vaisseau pour l'enfer, Denoël 1971 (2207501337).
Translation: German by Heinz Plehn as Der Überläufer, Droemer Knaur 1978.
Translation: Italian by Donatella Cerutti [Pini] as L'ultima astronave per l'inferno, Moizzi 1976.
Translation: Spanish by Amparo García Burgos as La ultima astronave de la Tierra, Martinez Roca 1980 (8427005954).