Dick, Philip K. The Crack in Space
Divergence: c 1,500,000 BCE
What if: Sinanthropes rather than man's predecessors became the dominant primates.
Summary: The future of our world tries to use this alternative world to relieve overpopulation problems.
Comments: Synopsis in Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro's "Histórias Naturais Alternativas", q.v.
Published: Ace 1966 and Severn House 1989 (0727817817).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Christian Meistermann as La Brègche dans l'espace: roman, Marabout 1974, Librairie generale française 1990 (2253052973).
Translation: Italian by Luigi Dancelli as Vedere un altro orizzonte, La Tribuna 1969, Bompiani 1979, 1995 (8845226859), 1998 (8845237257).
Translation: Portuguese by Elisabeth Marques Jesus de Sousa as Fenda no Espaço, Europa-América 1984.