Disraeli, Isaac D. "Of a History of Events Which Have Not Happened"
Summary: Essay on possible alternatives in history, but without much development. Includes a brief discussion of Livy's Ab urbe condita,.
Comments: Discussed in Stableford's "A Note on Alternate History". Note that the various editions of Curiosities of Literature come in varying numbers of volumes and were regularly revised; editions subsequent to about 1860 were edited by Disraeli's son, Benjamin Disraeli.
Published: In A Second Series of Curiosities of Literature: Consisting of Researches in Literary, Biographical, and Political History; of Critical and Philosophical Inquiries; and of Secret History, John Murray 1824; Curiosities of Literature, Edward Moxon 1834, 1843, 1849, Lilly, Wait, Colman and Holden 1834, Routledge, Warne & Routledge 1863, William Veazie 1864, Widdleton 1865, George Routledge 1866, A.C. Armstrong 1881.