Disraeli, Isaac D. "Of a History of Events Which Have Not Happened"
Summary: Essay on possible alternatives in history, but without much development. Includes a brief discussion of Livy's Ab urbe condita,.
Comments: Discussed in Stableford's "A Note on Alternate History". Note that although we first list an 1824 publication here, Catherine Gallagher indicates in Telling It Like It Wasn't that there is evidence the essay was first published in 1794. The various editions of Curiosities of Literature come in varying numbers of volumes and were regularly revised; editions subsequent to about 1860 were edited by Disraeli's son, Benjamin Disraeli.
Published: In A Second Series of Curiosities of Literature: Consisting of Researches in Literary, Biographical, and Political History; of Critical and Philosophical Inquiries; and of Secret History, John Murray 1824; Curiosities of Literature, Edward Moxon 1834, 1843, 1849, Lilly, Wait, Colman and Holden 1834, Routledge, Warne & Routledge 1863, William Veazie 1864, Widdleton 1865, George Routledge 1866, A.C. Armstrong 1881.