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Farmer, Philip José. Two Hawks from Earth. Ace 1979.

Farmer, Philip José. Two Hawks from Earth
Summary: American and German pilots from different World War IIs meet on an Earth where the Americas are only an archipelago, but Europe is still at war.
Comments: Synopsis in Lodi-Ribeiro's "Histórias Naturais Alternativas", q.v.
Published: Ace 1979 (0441833659BUY), Berkley 1985 (0425080927BUY), MonkeyBrain 2009 (1932265287BUY).
— Revision of The Gate of Time, Belmont 1970 (050502016?).
Original in: English.
Translation: French by Michel Lodigiani as La Porte du temps, Fleuve Noir 1983 (2265024589).
Translation: Italian by Nicoletta Vallorani as Roger Two Hawks, Nord 1985 (884290158X), 1994 (8842907596).
Translation: Portuguese by Eurico Fonseca as Universos Paralelos, Livros do Brasil 1986.