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Henkel, Oliver. Die Zeitmaschine Karls des Großen. Book on Demand 2001.

Henkel, Oliver. Die Zeitmaschine Karls des Großen
Title trans.: Charlemagne's Time Machine
Divergence: 476 CE
What if: Odoacer was defeated by a man named Rufus Scorpio, who then took the West Roman throne from Romulus Augustus and established a dynasty which preserved the West Roman empire.
Summary: Three centuries later, Rome is disturbed by news that the Frankish king Charles has started calling himself Charles the Great, attacked the Saxons, and may even be calling himself the rightful Roman emperor.
Published: Book on Demand 2001 (383111661X).
Original in: German.
Awards: Winner: 2002 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis for best novel.
Web link: Oliver Henkel's website