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Jeschke, Wolfgang. Das Cusanus Spiel. Droemer 2005.
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Jeschke, Wolfgang. Das Cusanus Spiel. Translated to the English as The Cusanus Game. Tor 2013.

Jeschke, Wolfgang. Das Cusanus Spiel
Divergence: 1452 CE
What if: Nicolaus of Cusa, cardinal, astronomer and philosopher, established a papally sanctioned academy to rigorously study unexplained phenomena.
Summary: In 2052, an Italian botanist becomes part of a papal project to restore central Germany and other areas devastated by a nuclear accident 20 years earlier, and then learns that her job will involve time travel to that region six centuries earlier.
Comments: Allohistorical content of the novel is limited to ten pages in the middle, from the original short story, which describes a timeline in which scentific development in Europe was jumpstarted in the mid 1400s. But the effects of rapid industrialization and development become problematic by 1900.
Published: Droemer 2005 (3426197006), Knaur 2008 (3426639580).
Published: Expanded from "Die Cusanische Acceleration", in Alexanders langes Leben, Stalins früher Tod und andere abwegige Geschichten: Erzaehlungen und Berichte aus Parallelwelten (ed. Erik Simon), q.v.
Original in: German.
Translation: English by Ross Benjamin as The Cusanus Game, Tor 2013 (076531908XBUY), 2014 (0765319098BUY).