Cover art
Khoury, Raymond. The Ottoman Secret. Raymond Joseph 2019.
Cover art
Khoury, Raymond. Empire of Lies. Forge 2019.

Khoury, Raymond. The Ottomon Secret [vt Empire of Lies]
Divergence: 1683 CE
What if: Vienna and the rest of Europe fell to the Ottomans following the killing of Jan Sobieski and the Duke of Lorraine by a suicide bomber.
Summary: Thriller in which an anti-terrorist cop in modern Ottoman Paris investigates a murder committed by a mysterious tattooed man and also deal with the security service as he stumbles upon the secret behind the empire's past.
Published: As The Ottoman Secret, Raymond Joseph 2019 (0241371155); Penguin 2020 (1405939613BUY).
Published: As Empire of Lies, Forge 2019 (1250210968BUY), 2020 (125021100XBUY).