Leinster, Murray. "Sidewise in Time"
Summary: On June 5, 1935, portions of Earth swapped places with their analogs in other timelines, and a professor tries to take advantage of it.
Published: In Astounding, June 1934; Sidewise in Time, Shasta 1950; Worlds of Maybe: Seven Stories of Science Fiction (ed. Robert Silverberg), q.v.; Before the Golden Age: A Science Fiction Anthology of the 1930s (ed. Isaac Asimov), Doubleday 1974 (0385024193); The Best of Murray Leinster (ed. J.J. Pierce), Ballantine 1978 and Garland 1983 (0824042107); and The Time Travelers: A Science Fiction Quartet (eds. Robert Silverberg and Martin H. Greenberg), Donald I. Fine 1985 (0917657349).
Original in: English.
Translation: German by Rosemarie Hundertmarck as "Seitwaerts in der Zeit", in Die besten Stories von Murray Leinster, Möwig 1980 (3811867040).
Translation: Italian by Riccardo Valla as "Bivi nel tempo", in L'alba del deomani. La fantastienza prima degli anni d'oro (ed. Isaac Asimov), Nord 1974.