Ley, Sandra (ed.). Beyond Time
Comments: New stories, including Robert Chilson's "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sky", Edmund Cooper's "Jupiter Laughs", Lucy Cores's "Hail to the Chief", Juanita Coulson's "Unscheduled Flight", Robert Coulson's "Soy la Libertad!", Avram Davidson's "O Brave New World!", Gordon Eklund's "The Rising of the Sun", Alan Dean Foster's "Polonaise", Dmitri Gat's "U-Genie SX-1—Human Entrepeneur: Naturally Rapacious Yankee", Felix C. Gotschalk's "The Napoleonic Wars", R.A. Lafferty's "Assault on Fat Mountain", Olga Ley's "Checkmate in Six Moves", Ward Moore's "A Class with Dr. Chang", Michael Orgill's "Many Rubicons", H.R. Percy's "Letter from America", Don Thompson's "Worlds Enough", and George Zebrowski's "The Cliometricon".
Published: Pocket 1976 (0671807382BUY).