Maloney, Mack. Wingman
Series note: Sixteen-plus-volume series, three of which are allohistorical: Sky Ghost, Return of Sky Ghost, and The Tomorrow War.

Maloney, Mack. The Sky Ghost
Summary: A fighter pilot is displaced crosstime to a world where World War II drags on and Allied planes are bombing Nazi-occupied London.
Series note: Fourteenth volume of Wingman, and apparently first allohistorical volume in that series.
Published: Pinnacle 1997 (0786004525BUY).

Maloney, Mack. Return of Sky Ghost
Summary: The Sky Ghost story continues in Japanese-occupied South America.
Series note: Fifteenth volume of Wingman, but just the second allohistorical volume.
Published: Pinnacle 1998 (0786005106BUY).

Maloney, Mack. The Tomorrow War
Summary: The Wingman is again transported across time, to an alternate World War I.
Series note: Sixteenth volume of Wingman, but just the third allohistorical volume.
Published: Pinnacle 1999 (0786010258BUY).