McAuley, Paul J. "A Very British History"
Divergence: 1945 CE
What if: The British got to Peenemunde before the Russians or Americans.
Summary: A review of Coxton's A Brief History of the Colonization of Space (Oxford 2001), which details the three-way space race, with the Brits in the lead from 1962 onwards.
Published: In Interzone #157 (July 2000); Little Machines, PS Publishing 2005 (1902880935, 1902880943); The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories (eds. Ian Watson and Ian Whates), q.v.; and A Very British History: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Paul McAuley, 1985-2011, PS Publishing 2013 (9781848635968).
— Posted on author's website, date unknown.
Awards: Finalist: 2000 Sidewise Award for best short-form alternate history.
Web link: Paul McAuley's website