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Morgan, Glyn, and C. Palmer-Patel (eds.). Sideways in Time: Critical Essays on Alternate History Fiction. Liverpool University 2019.

Morgan, Glyn, and Charul Palmer-Patel (eds.). Sideways in Time: Critical Essays on Alternate History Fiction
Summary: Anthology of scholarly essays on the genre of alternate history, including Stephen Baxter's "Foreword", Morgan and Palmer-Patel's "Introduction", Adam Roberts's "Napoleon as Dynamite: Geoffroy's Napoléon Apocryphe and Science Fiction as Alternate History", Chris Pak's "'It is One Story': Writing a Global Alternate History in Kim Stanly Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt", Jonathan Rayner's "Forever Being Yamato: Alternate Pacific War Histories in Japanese Film and Anime", Brian Baker's "'Her Dreams Receding': Gender Astronautes, and Alternate Space Ages in Ians Sales' pollo Quartet", Anna McFarlane's "Time and Affect after 9/11: Lavie Tidhar's Osama: A Novel", Molly Cobb's "The Subjective Nature of Time and the Individual's (In)Ability to Inflict Social Change", Derek J. Theiss's "Between the Alternate and the Apocryphal: Religion and Historic Place in Aguilera's La locura de Dios", Chloé Germaine Buckley's "Weird History / Weird Knowledge: H. P. Lovecraft versus Sherlock Holmes in Shadows Over Baker Street", Andrew M. Butler's "Quest for Love: A Cosy Uchronia?" Karen Hellekson's "Agency and Contingency in Televisual Alternate History Texts", and Palmer-Patel and Morgan's "Afterword".
Published: Liverpool University 2019 (1789620139BUY), 2022 (1802076956BUY).