Moscoe, Mike. The Lost Millennium
Divergence: c 4000 BCE
What if: Invaders from the Asian steppes were prevented from overrunning the goddess-worshipping tribes along the Danube, c 4000 BCE.
Series note: Series containing First Dawn, Second Fire, and Lost Days.

Moscoe, Mike. First Dawn
Divergence: c 4000 BCE
Summary: Time travelers from a 21st century beset by biological warfare travel back to the Danube basin, c 4000 BCE, to alter the nature of human civilization.
Series note: First volume of The Lost Millennium.
Comments: Allohistorical content is limited to the final chapter, and even at that, is not very specific.
Published: Ace 1996 (0441003923BUY).

Moscoe, Mike. Second Fire
Divergence: c 4000 BCE
Summary: The time travelers fight more battles and solidify the changes they have wrought on history.
Series note: Second volume of The Lost Millennium.
Comments: Real allohistorical content is again limited to the final chapter.
Published: Ace 1997 (044100458XBUY).

Moscoe, Mike. Lost Days
Divergence: c 4000 BCE
Summary: Returning to the 21st century, the time travelers find that society is now rigidly controlled by women's councils, with some North American tribes barred from the advantages of modern technology.
Series note: Third volume of The Lost Millennium.
Comments: Although history was changed 6000 years in the past and society is structured much differently, much of history and even modern characters remain the same, with the exception of some historical figures having suffered a change of gender (e.g., Alexandra the Great and Christine Columbus).
Published: Ace 1998 (0441005101BUY).