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Nicolazzini, Piergiorgio (ed.). I mondi del possibile. Nord 1993.

Nicolazzini, Piergiorgio (ed.). I mondi del possibile
Title trans.: Worlds of the Possible
Comments: An anthology collecting Italian translations of Greg Bear's "Scattershot", Stephen Vincent Benét's "The Curfew Tolls", David Brin's "Thor Meets Captain America", Winston S. Churchill's "If Lee had not Won the Battle of Gettysburg", L. Sprague de Camp's "The Round-Eyed Barbarians", Karen Joy Fowler's "Game Night at the Fox and Goose", Randall Garrett's "A Matter of Gravity", Edward Everett Hale's "Hands Off", Nancy Kress's "And Wild for to Hold", Brad Linaweaver's "Moon of Ice", Barry N. Malzberg's "In the Stone House", James Morrow's "Bible Stories for Adults, No. 31: The Covenant", Kim Newman's "Übermensch!", Kim Stanley Robinson's "The Lucky Strike", Kim Stanley Robinson's "Remaking History", Carter Scholz's "The Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven and Other Lost Songs", William Shirer's "If Hitler Had Won World War II", Harry Turtledove's "The Last Article", and Stephen Utley and Howard Waldrop's "Custer's Last Jump", plus a long introduction and bibliographical notes material by Nicolazzini.
Published: Nord 1993 (8842907405).