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Norton, Andre. The Crossroads of Time. Ace 1956, reprint.

Norton, Andre. The Crossroads of Time
Divergence: 1940 CE
Summary: Caught in a fight between crosstimers, a man from our world is stranded on one where the Axis attacked US coasts after England's fall.
Published: Ace 1956, 1980 (0441123147), 1985 (0441123163); and Gregg 1978 (0839824181);.
Original in: English.
Translation: Italian by Filippo Osvaldini as I corridoi del tempo, La Tribuna 1970.

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Norton, Andre. Quest Crosstime. Viking 1965.

Norton, Andre. Quest Crosstime [vt Crosstime Agent]
Divergence: 1485 CE
What if: Richard III won at Bosworth in 1485 and Cortez's death prevented the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.
Summary: Our hero searches for a girl kidnaped crosstime to a world in which North America is split between England and an Aztec-Indian empire, and encounters a plot to dominate the crosstimer homeworld.
Published: Viking 1965; and Ace 1965, 1985 (0441696856). V.t. Crosstime Agent, Gollancz 1975.