Resnick, Mike, and Patrick Nielsen Hayden (eds.). Alternate Skiffy
Comments: Science fiction stories which were never written, including eluki bes shahar's "My Object All Sublime", Greg Cox's "GoH: H.P.L.", Nicholas A. DiChario's "Mission 51-L", L. Dunn's "Fritz Leiber, Actor Extraordinaire", Gregory Feeley's "Scatchophily", Jack C. Haldeman's "History Lesson", David Langford's "The Spear of the Sun". Anthony R. Lewis's "Plus Ultra", Barry N. Malzberg's "A Science of the Mind", Lyn Nichols's "Kidnapping Koriba", Frederik Pohl's "The Golden Years of Astounding", Madeleine E. Robins's "Six Weeks, No Exit", Louise Rowder's "Siren Song", Brian M. Thomsen's "Oscar Night at Swifty's", and Leah A. Zeldes's "Hemingway, Remarks Are Not Literature".
Published: Wildside 1997.