Sanders, William. "Empire"
Divergence: 1793 CE
What if: On fleeing Corsica, Napoleon took ship for America and there met the ambitious Aaron Burr.
Summary: Two decades later, the army of the Louisiana Empire is nearly used up and Britain is about to attack New Orleans.
Comments: Analyzed in J. David Markham's "The Unlikely Empire".
Published: In Alternate Generals II (ed. Harry Turtledove), q.v.; Is It Now Yet?, Wildside 2005 (0809556170BUY); History Revisited: The Great Battles: Eminent Historians Take On the Great Works of Alternative History (eds. J. David Markham and Mike Resnick), q.v.; and East of the Sun and West of Fort Smith, Norilana 2008 (1934648663BUY).
Awards: Winner: 2002 Sidewise Award for best short-form alternate history.