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Semel, Nava. Eesrael. Yedi'ot Aharonot 2005.
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Semel, Nava. Eesrael. Translated to the English as Isra Isle. Mandel Vila 2016.

Semel, Nava. Eesrael
Divergence: c 1825 CE
What if: Mordecai Manuel Noah's plan for a Jewish homeland on an island near Niagara Falls came to fruition.
Summary: A novel in three parts: the first in the 2001 of our world, the second in 1825, and the third in the modern times resulting from Noah's work.
Published: Yedi'ot Aharonot 2005 (9655118703).
Original in: Hebrew.
Translation: English by Jessica Cohen as Isra Isle, Mandel Vilar 2016 (1942134193BUY).
Translation: Short excerpt in English by Anthony Berris as "IsraIsland" in Where We Find Ourselves: Jewish Women Around the World Write About Home (eds. Miriam Ben-Joseph and Deborah Nodler Rosen), SUNY 2009 (1438425228BUY).