Skeet, Michael. "Near Enough to Home"
Divergence: 1802 CE
What if: Napoleon died in 1802 and Britain gained control of the Louisiana Territory, and retained it after a decisive defeat of the Americans in the War of 1810. Later it became part of Canada.
Summary: In the early 1850s, during the American Civil War, a Canadian constable from St. Louis is captured and held hostage in Kentucky.
Published: In Arrowdreams: An Anthology of Alternate Canadas (eds. Mark Shainblum and John Dupuis), q.v.; Northern Suns: The New Anthology of Canadian Science Fiction (eds. David G. Hartwell and Glenn Grant), Tor 1999 (0312864612BUY); and Year's Best SF 4 (ed. David G. Hartwell), HarperPrism 1999 (0061059021BUY), HarperCollins AU 2004 (0060521821).