Smith, Martin Cruz. The Indians Won
Divergence: 1876 CE
What if: North American Plains Indians banded together to stop the white man's spread, resulting in East and West USAs with an AmerInd nation in the middle.
Summary: History of the AmerInd nation alternates with Washington intrigues during 20th-century white vs. red tensions.
Comments: The Leisure edition is reported to include an author's introduction not included in the original Belmont edition.
Published: Belmont 1970; Leisure 1970, 1978 (0843910127BUY); Severn House 1982 (0727808095BUY); W.H. Allen/Star 1983 (0352310715).
Original in: English.
Translation: German by Michael Gorden as Der andere Sieger, Bastei-Lübbe 1984, 1086 (3404103491); Heyne 1991 (3453048326).