Snowman, Daniel (ed.). If I Had Been…, Ten Historical Fantasies
Comments: Corrections of decisions by historical figures, including Louis Allen's "If I had been… Hideki Tojo in 1941", Harold Blakemore's "If I had been… Salvador Allende in 1972-3", Peter Calvert's "If I had been… Benito Juarez in 1867", Owen Dudley Edwards's "If I had been… William Ewart Gladstone in 1880", Roger Morgan's "If I had been… Konrad Adenauer in 1952", Maurice Pearton's "If I had been… Adolphe Thiers in 1870", Harold Shukman's "If I had been… Alexander Kerensky in 1917", Roger Thompson's "If I had been… the Earl of Sherburne in 1762-5", Philip Windsor's "If I had been… Alexander Dubcek in 1968", and Esmond Wright's "If I had been… Benjamin Franklin in the Early 1770s".
Published: Rowman & Littlefield 1979 (0847661369BUY).