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Tidhar, Lavie. Unholy Land. Tachyon 2018.

Tidhar, Lavie. Unholy Land
Divergence: 1905 CE
What if: The Wilbusch expedition recommended creation of a Jewish settlement in British East Africa, eventually leading to creation of a Jewish state on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Summary: In modern times, a pulp fiction writer returns to his native Palestina, only to become involved in what initially seems a matter of terrorism and state security, but evolves into a search for a missing relative, and then a collision of Jewish alternate histories.
Published: Tachyon 2018 (1616963042BUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: French as Aucune terre n'est promise, Mu 2021 (9782354087999).
Awards: Finalist: 2018 Sidewise Award for best long-form alternate history.