Toynbee, Arnold J. "If Alexander the Great had Lived On"
Divergence: 323 BCE
What if: Alexander of Macedon listened to his physicians' advice in 323 BCE, and later returned to the Mediterranean.
Summary: How Alexander made the Pheonicians his Navy, conquered Carthage, allied with Rome, conquered India and Ch'in and finally died in 287 BCE.
Comments: Synopsis in Alexander Demandt's Ungeschehene Geschichte, q.v.
Published: In Some Problems in Greek History, Oxford University 1969.
Original in: English.
Translation: German by tran. unknown as "Wenn Alexander der Große weitergelebt hätte", in Alexanders langes Leben, Stalins früher Tod und andere abwegige Geschichten: Erzaehlungen und Berichte aus Parallelwelten (ed. Erik Simon), q.v.