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Turner, T.J. Lincoln's Bodyguard. Oceanview 2015.

Turner, T.J. Lincoln's Bodyguard: In a Heroic Act of Bravery Saves Our Beloved President! John Wilkes Booth Killed in Act of Treason
Divergence: 1865 CE
What if: Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated, and Joseph Johnston did not surrender his rebel army but ordered it to disperse and fight on.
Summary: In the final year of Lincoln's third term, he asks his old bodyguard to assist in the defection of one of the Confederacy's guerrilla leaders.
Series note: Sequel is Land of Wolves.
Published: Oceanview 2015 (1608091430BUY), 2016 (1608091848BUY).

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Turner, T.J. Land of Wolves. Oceanview 2017.

Turner, T.J. Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln's Bodyguard
Divergence: 1865 CE
Series note: Sequel to Lincoln's Bodyguard.
Published: Oceanview 2017 (160809202XBUY), 2018 (160809295XBUY).