Waldman, Milton. "If Booth had Missed Lincoln"
Divergence: 1865 CE
What if: John Wilkes Booth's gun misfired.
Summary: Critical review of a Lincoln biography that blames the president's woes on the Radical Republicans rather than on his reconstruction policies.
Comments: Synopsis in Fadness's "What If Booth's Bullet Had Missed Lincoln?".
Published: In Scribner's, November 1930 and If It Had Happened Otherwise: Lapses Into Imaginary History, all eds. (ed. J.C. Squire), q.v.
Original in: English.
Translation: German by Walter Brumm as "Wenn Booth Präsident Lincoln verfehlt hätte", in Heyne Science Fiction Magazin #11; and Wenn Napoleon bei Waterloo gewonnen hätte. Und andere abwegige Geschichten (ed. J.C. Squire), Heyne 1999 (3453149114).