Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate WorldCons
Comments: New stories, including Mark Aronson's "Gemutlichkon I", Gene DeWeese and Robert Coulson's "Queen of the Timies", Richard Gilliam's "Jeremiah Phipps: Vampire Hunter", Mike Glyer's "The Men Who Corflued Mohammed", Jack C. Haldeman's "The Case of the Snuffed Simian", Rick Katze's "Worldcon Blues", Anthony R. Lewis's "In the Beginning…", Anthony R. Lewis's "Keep Watching the Skies", Terry McGarry's "The Best Little Worldcon in…", Mike Resnick's "How Jerry Phipps Won His Hugo", Frank M. Robinson's "Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll", Louise Rowder's "CruiseCon", Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "ApocalypseCon", Dick Spelman's "The Forgotten Worldcon of '45", Brian M. Thomsen's "Iguanacon, Too".
Published: Pulphouse 1994 (1561464481).
Published: Included in Alternate WorldCons / Again, Alternate WorldCons.

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate WorldCons / Again, Alternate WorldCons
Comments: Includes all the stories in Alternate WorldCons, plus Barbara Delaplace's "ApeCon", David D. Levine's "The Worldcon That Wasn't", Barry N. Malzberg and B. Yasgur's "Letters in the Wall", Bruce Pelz's "Cold Service", Roger Sim's "An Old-Fashioned Worldcon", Kevin Standlee's "The Bridge at Wakiki", Tom Veal's "Moskva 1995: Igor's Campaign", and Leah A. Zeldes's "Yesterday's Stormy Fable".
Published: WC Books 1996.